How Are Players Self-Assesed?

At the beginning of the season, all players are given a questionnaire about their skill level. This helps make balancing rosters easy for league managers. 

How Are Even Teams Enforced?

Like all leagues, there is bound to be some stand-outs and some teams that win more often than others.

If games are imbalanced too often: referrers and other players are able to submit inquiries about a player. The league then investigates that player's self assessment vs what other players have reported. The league may request a player move teams if reported too often.

Why Are There Only Men's Leagues?

LSSL plans on adding Woman and Co-Ed leagues as we grow as a league. One of the main complaints (and one reason for forming LSSL) from individuals that sign-up for other leagues is that the team often forfeits because of lack of women players.

Where Do You Play?

We're currently a league located in Ravenswood, Chicago. We're looking to grow and expand as player demand is received.

Why Does the League Only Take Individual Players?

LSSL was formed due to the lack of leagues able to support individual player sign-ups. Players complain about never knowing if they're assigned to teams or having their team too weak to compete in even recreational leagues.

How Does LSSL Give Back?

Players of LSSL get the opportunity to vote on community issues via their player login. The league uses proceeds of league fees to help fund community projects.